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We are delighted to announce the next chapter in the Relative Marketing story! Due to our continued hard work and team effort, we have now been able to obtain additional office space within our existing building.  We were delighted when the additional space became available and jumped at the chance to make our mark.

Renovation started in late September and just one month later, the work has been finished and our Managing Director Robert is already enjoying his newly found peace and quiet! We have invited Robert and our Creative Director Simon to talk us through their journey of what this new venture means to them.

“It’s really exciting to be involved in another expansion, and only two years since we last moved into bigger offices! We are a creative team and the office surroundings are something we feel are really important to help us get our heads into gear for every day at work.

We work in the creative industry, be that graphic design, digital or print. With this in mind our work environment needs to be somewhere people feel relaxed, inspired, comfortable and be enjoyable. And that doesn’t mean painting the walls bright colours and having silly furniture, but building a strong teaching and creative culture to the business”.

(Stage 1: After a long two days, the old, horrible woodchip has finally gone, time to see a splash of colour)

“The additional space we now have in the new office will allow us to grow the team further and that has been one of the big drives for the business over the last few years. It’s so energising every time we add a new addition to the team, it expands our skillset, brings new ideas to the table, increases the business focus on each marketing sector and strengthens the business as a whole.

We are a service business, so adding additional staff demonstrates the growth of the business and each one is a vital piece of our puzzle. We all have to strive for the same goals and enjoy the success together!”

(Stage 2: What a difference! The new colour palette gives a warm feel to a once cold space)

“The expansion shows how far we have developed since the business started. Seven years ago our first office was tiny, and was actually being used as the home of another company’s IT server. Now we are working across multiple offices with a great team of people and we couldn’t be prouder.

We have formed some really exciting partnerships, be that working with fantastic clients or strategic partners, such as Helen from High-Rise Communications PR who has become a very important part of our success and growth. We feel proud to invite people in to meet us at our offices and surroundings, to see exactly who we are”.

(Stage 3: Time for furniture and artwork to finish off this fantastic transformation)

The additional space offers the perfect opportunity to grow our existing business and offer opportunities to new, fresh talent within the world of marketing. Bring on 2019

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About the author

Marketing executive specialising in social media marketing and management. Over 3 years of working experience and interested in campaign management, media planning and account servicing. A master degree holder with distinction from Lancaster University.

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