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About our client is the site of Johnny Mobasher,  containing personal and impersonal pages but mostly about “Street Photography” and related issues.

The Challenge

Photographers can be very particular about the way their images are presented, especially when they are trying to capture reality rather than staged photos. In this type of photography every photo has a story and it’s important to the photographer to portray this in his work. Johnny used various online platforms to showcase his work such as, Flickr and Instagram but wanted to consolidate all these platforms in to one manageable system. Helping to explain the reason behind the photos was also an important feature request.

street photography

The Solution

WordPress is a great platform and provides seamless integration with other online systems. We developed his new website using this platform and ‘pulled in’ his photo stream from Flickr and Instagram as well as adding his Twitter Feeds to his pages.

We structured his photos in to four distinct categories then used the Blog system in WordPress to create a method of displaying them along with a write up of each photo. The design is responsive and changes to fit any device.

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