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About our client

Safety Shield System is the worlds first intelligent collision avoidance system for HGV’s to protect cyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles.

The Challenge

Safety Shield System wanted to create a new website that covered all the different areas throughout their business portfolio. The problem was the existing site was very old fashioned, difficult to amend and add new pages and was not a good representation to the brand. Safety Shield Systems were scheduled to launch a number of new products as well as push Cycle Safety Shield at a trial with the Transport for London research facilities. This meant we only had 6 weeks to get the site built, launched and tested.

Another challenge was the availability of images of the products and pictures actually showing the equipment in use. This would be vital as it would help visitors understand how the equipment works and the benefits it provides.

The Solution

Whilst working very closely with the guys at Safety Shield Systems we provided a site map to show how the visitor’s would navigate through the website. This was very important as the range of safety equipment available meant the site would be relevant to a number of different sectors and industries, so we wanted to make sure the navigation process was simple and easy to understand. So we split the systems up in to different sections, ensuring any with common ground went together.

From this we then create a modern looking responsive WordPress website, so that it could be easily updated and changed when needed. Then finally to help illustrate how the safety equipment works without having access to any imagery, we created simplistic illustrations for each system and did retouching work on images provided. All this work was completed in the 6 weeks and ready for the product launch and tests.

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