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About our client

Paul Reeves antiques business is run from his Cirencester premises and is focused on selling to private collectors and museums. Most of the items are produced by the leading architects and designers active in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain.

The Challenge

Paul required quite a bespoke website that allowed visitors to view his products in specific categories without being able to sell the products online. He also needed to show item prices if the value was below a specific amount, the words ‘POA’ if the value was above a specific amount and the words ‘SOLD’ if the item had been sold.

Paule Reeves London Web development

The Solution

We developed a system based on the Magento platform and removed the ecommerce facility. We also implemented our own custom code that queries the database and returns the correct pricing information depending on it’s status.

Multiple product images show off these wonderful antiques perfectly, giving the viewer all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

The website is completely responsive, adjusting it’s layout depending on what type of device the website is being viewed with making it available to more people.

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