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About our client

Paul Reeves antiques business is run from his Cirencester premises and is focused on selling to private collectors and museums. Most of the items are produced by the leading architects and designers active in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain.

The Challenge

Having created a new website Paul was keen to present the brand and particularly showcase and sell specific antiques.

Paul-Reeves- magazine ads

The Solution

A template for the press ads was created with the Paul Reeves logo dominating the top, and a consistent footer with address and contact details across the bottom.

A photo of item being showcased would then sit upon an all over coloured background, which would change depending on the product, but was usually bright and striking to make the page eye catching and stand out in the publication. And catch the eye they did, after appearing in selected magazines such as Country Life and Apollo magazine he received call not just from individual collectors but from institutions and museums in Britain and abroad.



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