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About our client

One Wood street is where our office is located. The building itself is owned by a large company that offers office space to developing businesses within the local area for a managed fee.

The Challenge

The company came to us and asked us to advertise their vacant office spaces to businesses within the North West because they weren’t having any luck filling the spaces through using estate agencies.

One Wood Street Website

The Solution

After a meeting with the business owner it became clear that they wanted a professional looking website that represented the building and their business. They asked to us to list the vacant office spaces available, illustrate its ease of access and point out all the benefits of renting an office space within the building and in the area.

Once the website was created we underlined that we needed to drive business owners to the website in order to get people to view the vacant office spaces. After another meeting, we come up with the idea of creating an appealing looking leaflet that would be posted out to developing businesses within the Northwest area in order to drive them to the website, get in touch and enquire about the offices.

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