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About our client

Manor Art are a very creative business that supply state-of-the-art frames and pictures for big businesses, hotel chains and care homes.

The Challenge

They came to us to help develop a website and create their picture brochures to help capture their creativity and encapsulate their history. The big problem that Manor art came to Relative to resolve was their website. For a creative business that supply frames and images their website didn’t reflect that. Also at the time Manor Art were expanding their range and needed a Content Managed site where they could display their image and add to as they grow.

Manor Art were also in need of a re-design and update of a brochure they originally created in 2006 in collaboration with Dementia friends and the Alzheimer’s society, which we felt really privileged to be working on! The message behind the brochure is heart-warming, as they carefully select images from their range with Dementia in mind. The images from the brochure are picked by the care homes and when fitted will help visual stimulation of the mind, triggering memories and thoughts helping the residents affected by Dementia. The challenges we were faced with when designing the brochure was that it needed to be as simple as possible to choose from such a wide range of images and be well categorised.

The Solution

After meeting with Manor Art and brainstorming what needed to be done we understood that they needed a content managed site that represents their creative flare and could hold their wide range of images in user friendly manor. Taking those requirements into consideration we came up with two website designs. One of the designs was for the holding page that would replace the old site whilst we developed the main site. The other design was for the main site that would hold their catalogue of images. Manor Art now have a fully functioning catalogue site that holds their vast range of collections from print work to original artwork. As the collection grows the artwork can be easily added to the site because of the way it has been built
After being briefed from Manor Art on the Dementia in Mind brochure we worked closely with them to design a sleek looking well categorised catalogue. The brochure has now been printed over 10,000 times and distributed to care homes across the UK.

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