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Longleigh Foundation Case Study

Longleigh is a grant making foundation dedicated to supporting the individuals and communities served by the social housing sector. With increasing demand for social housing and care they required a rebrand to help them increase their outreach and fund size. They wanted to become integral strategic partners to their donors and share their experience with the housing sector.

Longleigh website mock up

The Challenge

Relative was commissioned by Longleigh Foundation to refresh their logo, develop their brand, and design and build their website. We were to recreate their site so that it was more appealing and easy to use.

They only had a low-resolution logo and a requirement to update the colour scheme for the company brand; but did not know how best to proceed to achieve these aims.

Longleigh logo before and after

Longleigh poster in office setting

The Solution

Our design strategy was to create and utilise an illustrative style in the form of motion graphics located in the main marquis area to ensure an impactful landing experience for site visitors.

A prominent element of the branding was the use of illustration. A palette of colours was chosen to create illustrations depicting their work within the community. The design is eye catching and unique, and it showcases the company’s approach to clients emphasising their friendly and helpful nature. The rest of the site features this trend throughout, showing friendly and warm character graphics and illustrations that display interactions that demonstrate the content and messaging within each section of the page.

From a content standpoint, we used accessible language in order to clearly explain Longleigh’s grant funding schemes and how they work. We also utilised video case studies featuring previous grant recipients who explained how they were able to work with Longleigh to secure the funding they needed.

Elements of the brand development:

• Logo development

• Tone of voice

• Brand Guidelines

• Web design and development

• Website content

• Marketing literature

Since the completion of the brand and launch of the website we have also secured work on their Annual Review documents (both printed and digital) and updates to their Trustees pages, that highlight the skills, insights and experience that they bring to the social housing sector.

Longleigh website on phones

Longleigh Annual review brochure

The Results

The trustees really liked the design, the range of content, and were very thankful for all the effort that went into the project, as they could easily see what a substantive piece of work it was. This site was launched in May 2020 to great success. As a result of our work, the site looks fresh and unique, bringing together clean modern design while highlighting everything that the company embodies. Since the rebuild, the new Longleigh website now benefits from a rather low bounce rate of 48.65% and a relatively high site engagement with an average time on site of 2:19.

“In Relative we have found a partner that has really taken the time to understand our needs and then use their abundant skills in translating those needs. Alongside Relative’s high-quality work there is a real ‘likeability’ factor, the importance of which should not be underestimated. It makes working together so enjoyable!

Relative’s responsiveness to helping us keep content refreshed and making updates has remained really first-class. It is with huge thanks to all the team at Relative for giving us the presentational style that we wanted so we can proudly take out our mission, of providing funding that enables lives to be transformed, to ever wider audiences.”

Andy Peers, Chief Executive


We hope that this case study has given you an idea of our knowledge, experience, and expertise in this area. We specialise in graphic design & branding, website design & development, and SEO. If you have any questions, would like to find out more or would just like a chat about what we could do for you, please get in touch on 01204 493382 or [email protected]. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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