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About our client

The J.K.Guest Group specialise in providing service and safety solutions for the Highway, rail, Nuclear and transport industries. Because of the size of the company it’s split into 3 different sectors all covering different aspects of the business – JK Guest Utility Mapping Solutions, Safety Shield Systems and CSTA-SU.

The Challenge

JK Guest came to Relative because their website was dated and need refreshing with a new user friendly design. The other challenge was that JK Guest needed their website to represent their business as a whole, but they also wanted to have a dedicated area for each sector of the business.

the JK Guest website displayed on various devices

The Solution

After meeting with the client and discussing what they wanted from the website we brainstormed a few ideas and came up with a design that acted as a corporate umbrella. The re-design design allowed for each sector of the business to have its own dedicated area with its own information, but also be linked to the other sectors of the business. User experience was at the forefront of our design specification and that shows with how easily it is to navigate from one sector to another. JK Guest are happy with the way their business is represented online and have very big plans for the future.

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