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Hartley Botanic are award-winning manufacturers of greenhouses and glasshouses. They have a global reputation for unrivalled design, enduring strength and everlasting performance, with offices in the UK and USA and customers all over the world.

We have been working with Hartley Botanic since we were founded back in 2011. Over the years, we’ve taken time to truly understand their business and gain in-depth insights into their market and target audience. This long-lasting relationship has, in turn, allowed us to continuously deliver on their needs and objectives.

Our team have supported every element of their marketing – from enhancing the brand to achieving local and national recognition via press adverts, to driving campaigns, sales and special offers. We’ve also assisted in promoting their appearances at national events and flower shows, such as the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show and RHS Hampton Court Palace.

Hartley botanic brochure

Hartley Botanic manufacture the finest glasshouses money can buy, so ensuring this message is consistent throughout their marketing is essential. Though a well-known and beloved brand, Hartley Botanic needs to stay fresh. That’s why, from the very start of our relationship, we have pushed to improve the way we communicate with their target audience.

This began with creating the iconic crest used for the logo – one of the first large projects we collaborated on. The team wanted to retain its traditional style while making it relevant to the brand’s evolution. Sensitive to this, we created a perfectly fitting logo that could be proudly displayed on all marketing materials. It even features on the products!

One of the most important touchpoints in the Hartley Botanic customer journey is their iconic brochure. The brochure uses the “wow factor” to entice its audience and reveals the brand’s story whilst reinforcing the heritage element.

As a result, we review this every year to explore how we might further boost its performance.

We collaborate on all aspects of the brochure – from conceptual work to design development and copywriting. Moreover, we manage the printing process to ensure quality is maintained throughout. We care as much as the client about providing the best possible platform from which the customer can embark on their Hartley Botanic journey.

Once refined to perfection, the quality of the brochure reflects the strong brand image. The brochures are then delivered as the first piece of marketing to those who have shown interest in a Hartley Botanic greenhouse, aiming to turn admirers into customers.

Whether they are running a limited-time offer or a campaign designed to attract and engage their target audience, we are responsible for the concept, design and creation of the majority of the promotional materials. We ensure that everything we craft reflects their reputation as a brand leader – from emails to printed leaflets.

Using our signature creativity, whilst adhering to the brand’s guidelines, we guarantee consistency in messaging and assure quality at every stage of the process.

These efforts have proven their merit – generating increased sales in both the UK and USA.

Magazine advertisement on display on a desk next to a keyboard

In order to further support Hartley Botanic and display the wide range of products as well as  boosting their brand awareness amongst their target audience, we produce press adverts for a variety of media.

Our adverts have graced the pages of some of the most iconic gardening magazines like The Garden and The English Garden, as well as national press such as The Daily Telegraph. In the USA, the Hartley Botanic adverts are found in magazines such as The Week, English Home, Fine Gardening and many more.

We begin by ensuring that any images we include are of the utmost quality. This is essential in order to embody the high standards that Hartley Botanic strives for. We will often retouch a number of photos to enhance their natural beauty, occasionally using a 3D computer render for products that have not yet been manufactured, dropping them into beautiful garden settings to bring them to life.

Digital is fast becoming a more powerful tool in our marketing activities for Hartley Botanic – and remains an important way to connect with their customer base.

By communicating to both existing customers and those that have shown an interest in Hartley Botanic products via newsletters and social media, we can keep them up to date with any relevant news, gardening tips and promotions.

We also share the exceptional content that is published on their website each month, alongside some of the remarkable images we have of Hartley Botanic structures installed across the globe.

Both the email marketing and social media strategies are instant and trackable, helping to successfully demonstrate ROI.

The Hartley Botanic website displayed on a mobile device

We have always been conscious that the adverts and marketing materials need to tell a strong and consistent story about the Hartley Botanic brand. You can’t find a Hartley Botanic greenhouse in garden centres or on the supermarket shelves, so everything we do is their shop window, and we need to use it effectively to communicate with their customers.

All Relative’s marketing efforts must, therefore, demonstrate ROI, and the power of visuals come to the fore a lot more. We trigger customer interest throughout the entire buying process, whilst ensuring the Hartley Botanic brand – and all it represents – consistently shines throughout. The results really do speak for themselves.

Hartley Botanic is an exceptional company to collaborate with, and we look forward to seeing where our continued partnership takes us next!


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