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About our client

Hartley Botanic offer practical greenhouses and glasshouses with a worldwide reputation for perfect design, enduring strength, unparalleled quality and everlasting performance.

The Challenge

Hartley Botanic manufactures and sells the finest aluminium glasshouses and greenhouses on the market. But rather than using the more conventional method of selling through garden centres or having their own shops, they are sold direct off the page in Magazines and Newspapers. The challenge with this is getting across the quality of the product, brand and service.


The Solution

In order to present the high standards that Hartley Botanic strives for, we start off by always making sure that any images shown are of the highest quality. This has meant doing retouching on a number of photos to enhance the colours and clear up any blemishes that appear. We have even had new products that haven’t yet been manufactured, so we have used 3D computer render and dropped them into beautiful garden settings and made the image look real.

We have always been conscious that the adverts need to tell a story about Hartley Botanic, but its main job is to sell the product off the page and highlight any available offers. Whilst doing this we have always kept a keen eye on ensuring that they never appeared down market so that they don’t deteriorate the brand.

As a result of working alongside Hartley, doing regular updates to the look and feel of the ads and continuing to use selected garden media titles, this form of advertising still give Hartley Botanic their best return, even compared to SEO marketing, which drives the most traffic to the website.



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