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About our client

Hartley Botanic offers practical greenhouses & glasshouses with a worldwide reputation for perfect design, enduring strength, unparalleled quality and everlasting performance.

The Challenge

Hartley Botanic are the designers and manufacturers of garden glasshouses and greenhouse – “The Finest Greenhouses Money Can Buy”. Started as an engineering and manufacturing company in 1938 and owned by two brothers, they started to manufacture greenhouses from strong, but light aluminium sections and glass after the Second World War. Being the inventive sorts they designed many of the features that are still in use today, including the semi-dodecagon shape which creates a large, uncluttered interior space without the need for internal bracing.

Being a upmarket, quality product any correspondence with customers has to portray the prestigiousness of the brand. This is across all the literature, but most importantly the brochure. And it has to appeal to a wide audiences of end users, from enthusiastic amateurs to professional gardeners and to those purchasing for large estates.


The Solution

The brochure is a photo book of Hartley Botanic structures, both large scale professional glasshouses and domestic sized greenhouses, all in situ, and showing the viewer the product in context. It is relatively thick, with plenty of pages of images to ‘Wow’ and inspire the reader, and would look impressive on the desk or coffee table. The square format is more unusual than a regular A5 or A4 sized brochure, but does allow some nice cropping of images, with wide double page spread images really catching the readers eye.

A good quality paper stock is used, so it not only looks good but feels good, a real tangibility that someone looking through a brochure gets. There is information about the history of the company and details about the products, as well as numerous heart warming testimonials from customers who feel a real connection to the brand. But it is the photography that really counts and a great deal of effort goes into using the right shots and then reproducing them on the page, with many hour spent at the printers to get the best possible finish.



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