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About our client

Gabriel Ash design and build high end timber greenhouses. These quality garden structures have features that make them unique in the market and it is when you see one in the ‘flesh’ you realise just how good the design and manufacture is. As their business model is to sell off the page or online with no retail presence, the marketing material for the brand has to reflect its high end status.


The Challenge

For many customers the first encounter is in the press, either magazine or newspaper, so the look and style of ad and the message it conveys all needs to get across the same holistic brand perception. Our challenge is to catch the attention of the newspaper reader and encourage them to call up for more information, creating a lead for the sales team to follow up.


The Solution

Most of the newspaper advertising appears in the weekend supplements of the quality daily press, either ‘Home Interest’ or ‘Gardening’ sections. Being in the newspapers does give you a relatively broad brush stroke of readers, but knowing they are looking at the home sections means the ads are as targeted as possible, especially the gardening sections.

Rather than being full page, the newspaper insertions tend to be more unusual shapes, in some ways it allow you to be more creative, in other ways it can be quite restrictive with image sizes and the amount of space for copy. And as a shared page it is always important for the ad to stand out amongst the other copy on the page.

The ads tend to be offer led, as newspapers are a short term media and each edition is around for only a couple of days the offer shown can be very specific in their timing. The look of all the ads irrespective of the publication type is always very similar, using house fonts and specific colours to make them recognisable as Gabriel Ash ads. Potential customers are encouraged to request a brochure or look to the website to obtain more information, and from this initial contact a dialogue is started which will hopefully lead to a sale. And to encourage this conversation to start a time limited offer is highlighted in the ad, often as a headline, with a prominent telephone call to action.

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