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DA Techs are specialists when it comes to repairing diamond-cut alloy wheels, providing convenient solutions to return alloy wheels back to showroom condition.

As a newly formed business, DA Techs had no brand name or website. Starting from scratch, we created new branding and a website that appealed to the corporate market, while putting them on a different level when compared to their competitors.

Datechs staff outside their unit

We approached the branding development by first holding a meeting with the DA Techs team, where we brainstormed ideas around the branding and website design. Once we’d done this, we created a selection of concept logos and website layouts before sending them back to the team at DA Techs.

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Da Techs Website mock up on a coimputer

Once the client confirmed their preferred choice, we refined the designs to create a website and branding that reflected how DA Techs wanted to be perceived as a business.

The new website and branding now appealed to corporate markets.

At Relative Marketing, we manage DA Techs’ SEO strategy.

This has led to us implementing a content marketing strategy that involves the creation of blogs and on-page optimisation, targeting key ranking signals for search

engines, site speed, security and links to increase the website performance.

In addition to performing updates to their local search rankings via the Google My Business tool, we’ve increased organic traffic to the DA Techs website by 156%.

A key element of any digital marketing plan, companies now require a social media strategy. We develop organic monthly content plans for the DA Techs social channels, creating both content and editing imagery for each post. Alongside organic content, we also implement paid social media through the use of boosted posts. Reports are then created and communicated back to DA Techs monthly.

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