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About our client

Bensons for Beds is Britain’s largest bed retailer specialising in beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture. Leading the way for beds and mattresses in the UK, Bensons For Beds offers a highly diverse product range.

The Challenge


After many years of building the Bensons for Beds brand as the Nations Number One Bed Specialist by way of price, the Bensons management team wanted to lift the brand to attract a more style-conscious customer.

The Solution

This series of beautifully filmed ads introduced numerous characters that had purchased beds from Bensons going about their lives and enjoying their new bed. Price was still an important part of the overall deal, with the offers being shown on screen, but it was less brash and ‘in your face’ than previous Bensons for Beds campaigns. With the bubbly background music and calmly narrated voiceover this was a new direction for their retail advertising, which is a trend that they continue to embrace.

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