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About our client

Auto Tools specialise in high quality tools and garage equipment. With over 35 years experience of supplying transport and industrial workshops across the UK, their clients range from a small garage to the Ministry Of Defence. Auto Tools are an authorised OMCN distributor and Cattini distributor, supplying high quality heavy lifting equipment.

The Challenge

Auto Tools specialise in distributing some of the most advanced automotive equipment on the market, and they came to us to re-develop their website because their old website didn’t reflect that image. When speaking to the client we understood that they wanted a site that made it the process of purchasing their products easy for the user, as their last website was difficult to use and not converting as much as they would’ve liked. When researching other distributors in the automotive industry we found that their websites were clunky and difficult to navigate much like auto tools previous website.

the autotools website displayed on different devices

The Solution

After meeting with the client, we came up with a simple fresh-looking design that represented their brand. After a lot of research taking into consideration the user we added features that we thought would make the experience of using the site a lot simpler, such as being able to shop by brand as well as product category. We also implemented a recently viewed feature on the site so users can easily navigate back to products they were previously browsing. Because Autotools are constantly adding extra stock we thought it would also be a good idea to implement a latest and popular products functionality, so users can see what’s new and which is most popular with other customers. We also took into consideration the type of user with the design and added a separate section for garage equipment and populated it with the latest and best equipment so garage owners can easily find what It is they’re looking for. 

The website was built using Magento CMS, as we wanted to make it is as simple as possible for the Autotools team to upload, edit and process transactions. Magento is considered is a very secure, user friendly ecommerce platform and we that’s what we wanted for our clients and their customers. 

As the new website has gone live Autotools have started receiving a lot more sessions on the website and people have started enquiring about the products! We expect big things for the future.

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