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Case Study

Auto Tools is a well-established family business supplying specialist automotive maintenance equipment to the motor trade. The Burnley-based company has a solid customer network in the north west of England, but they’re ambitious to drive sales growth right across the UK. Auto Tools asked us to redevelop their website and implement an SEO strategy to help achieve this aim.

Auto Tools website mock up

The Challenge

Auto Tools’ Magento 1 CMS ecommerce website was no longer supported – without updating to Magento 2, Auto Tools were seriously at risk from hackers. So there was clearly an urgent need to upgrade the site. But with around 12,000 products and a huge content library to work through it was important not only that the site be fit for purpose but also that potential customers could find it and that it come top of search engine rankings for their specific products. With a relatively small marketing budget for both the website and SEO strategy, they turned to us at Relative for an effective and affordable solution.

mock-up Image showing errors message for the Auto Tools website

Automotive Tools new website design mock-up

The Solution

As with every project we take on, we started by taking time to really listen. We know digital inside-out, but we’re no experts in the automotive tools market. So combining the client’s depth of knowledge with our digital expertise was key to constructing the best strategy, and to optimise the website’s ability to generate business.

The resulting site rebuild focused on Auto Tools’ most profit-yielding products – kit such as vehicle lifts, tyre equipment, bespoke tools, electric and hybrid tools. We also highlighted OMCN spares, as Auto Tools are OMCN’s main UK distributor. Keywords were made integral to the navigation. We also set up a news page for additional content to utilise keywords, and content marketing for the target topics.

Alongside managing and delivering the site build, we paid close attention to simplifying the user journey too. We built in features such as the ability to search by lift type for instance, and we gave customer case studies more prominence. Auto Tools were very pleased with the resulting reworked site, its functionality, simplicity and business-building focus. Their confidence in us has also led to our adding a robust SEO strategy. This ensured that the site was easily accessible and visible to their audience. Which then drove interest and sales to the newly launched site.

The Results

The new website instantly began generating more enquiries than before, and crucially for Auto Tools’ growth ambitions, these come from all over the UK. Enquiries have come in at higher volumes, predominantly concerned with the company’s higher-value products. The associated increase in higher-end sales has made Auto Tools more profitable. Comparison with the 12-month trading period before the site was relaunched reveals how effective the changes have been over the following year:

  • Users up by 269%
  • Sessions up by 276%
  • Page views up by 249%

When it comes to SEO, week on week over two recent months, positive keyword movements for relevant and traffic-driving keywords have been seen:

  • ‘OMCN’ keyword ranking up to position 2
  • ‘OMCN Vehicle Lift’ keyword ranking up to position 2

These positive movements translate into a consistent growth in organic traffic volume to the Auto Tools site. Refreshing page titles and metadata, enhancing the content on sales pages, implementing more header tags – regular and ongoing activities like these pay dividends, and help feed into better understanding of visitor and potential customer intents for Auto Tools going forward.

Automotive Tools New website and SEO performance graph

We hope that this case study has given you an idea of our knowledge, experience, and expertise in this area. We specialise in graphic design & brandingwebsite design & development, and SEO. If you have any questions, would like to find out more or would just like a chat about what we could do for you, please get in touch on 01204 493382 or [email protected]. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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