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Web design, when done correctly, can visually represent your reputation as a business. However, it’s the quality web content that drives prospective customers to regularly re-visit your site. So in essence, without that content you’ve missed out on creating the first chance to actually market your company’s services.

Therefore, making content marketing more of a requirement than an option.

When creating content, there are two key principles that you need to have in mind;

  • What the consumer will think about it
  • How search engine providers will rank it

So yes, not only do you have to create engaging customer oriented content (good enough to make    them return) You also have to bear in mind that Google are continuously algorithmically scanning your content for keywords in order to rank your webpage on their results page.

Writing the perfect content can be quite complicated…

But! Customer satisfactory/search engine pleasing content is not impossible.

Content needs to be consumer specific

“Everyone is not your customer”

This needs to be at the top of your agenda when going about constructing some content. The content you post needs to answer questions or give the information that consumers are seeking. Marketing is now all about talking with people, not at people! Make it interactive, make it social. You need to constantly ask yourself the question “Does this answer the question people were originally asking?” If that’s the case, then it’s usually a given that people will come back. Getting what you asked for is rather satisfying

Content needs to be optimised

Before Google’s clever algorithms, there was a time whenSEO consisted primarily of pumping content with keywords and employing people to buy backlinks to your site in order to get ranked high on a results page. Google’s ranking system has since changed with the ‘Panda’ update that rewards websites with high quality content that’s well optimised.

So to attract more traffic there needs to be meaning behind the keywords you choose. If you think of the questions consumers are searching for and order your keywords in correlation with that your content is essentially supplying the answer, which will reflect well with Google.

It also needs to be fluent. With the Panda update Google now penalise for over optimisation, so it’s all well and good repeating your keywords but if it sounds too forced;

“Do you need cheap IT Hardware? At ‘Joe Blogs’ IT Hardware store we sell cheap IT Hardware. Check out our website for cheap IT Hardware and we assure you’ll find the cheapest IT Hardware”

It will be considered spam.

Content in all forms

 Not all content should be in the form of type, it is the best idea (especially in this day and age) To utilise all the other types of media to create content. Examples of this may be Infographics, video, case studies, press releases, how to guides, reviews, podcasts and interviews.

Content Is a reflection of your businesses reputation. You need to ensure that the impression you’re giving is how you want to be represented. With this in mind using all the different forms of content shows your skill as a company and shows diversity in terms of publishing content.

Having a diverse range of content on your page is beneficial for your business, for it allows you to create a relationship with customers on all different platforms. Integrating all the different types of content makes for a more engaging and entertaining webpage.

Sharing content

 “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline”

So you have your shiny, glistening, well optimised, question answering socially interactive content. Now all that is left to do is actually post it and to make people view it you have to go them, they won’t always necessarily come to you. In that case there is no better way than stuffing it right under their nose by using social media. You already have a handful of people who are interested in your business or product, so there is all the more reason in sharing it with your social media following.

With social media in mind it is also the most responsive way to get feedback on your content, may that be positive or negative, it’s still publicity!

It also sparks the opportunity for two-way conversation with consumers, making it all that little bit more personal.

“Content marketing isn’t a campaign, it’s a commitment”

Quality Web Content Is King!

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About the author

Relative is a creative marketing agency run by brothers, Rob and Si Barlow. We really work on our relationships. It’s why we have client partners who have happily worked with us for years. Building strong connections is what we do – with our clients, and for them with their chosen audiences.

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