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We’ve all heard of email marketing. We all know it’s utilised by a multitude of businesses globally. We all hear it makes a good return on investment, but what we very rarely hear is why?

To some business owners, email campaigns are a foreign form of marketing and before investing time and resources into maintaining an email list, they need to find out what it is and how it works.

Email marketing is an electronic mailing device that creates a direct means of communicating with a particular audience. It gives you the chance to connect with customers on a more personal level, for It allows you to market your services and products through any form of advertisement. Every email opened, forwarded or clicked through by a prospect is considered a Key Performance Indicator, which allows you to determine whether your email campaign is successful or not. The more emails opened, forwarded or clicked through, results in an increase in customer trust and business recognition.

With all that in mind Email campaigns are one of the most powerful marketing utilities in existence and there are plenty of benefits that come with it that show the value of email marketing.


  • It’s measurable

It’s one of the most measurable campaigns in existence. You can gain precise and valuable metrics through an email campaign that list the delivery rates, open rates, unique open rates, subscription related rates, click through rates and forward rates. Not only is the data valuable, its readable. Over time you can see which sort of emails from your campaigns are getting the most engagements. This allows you to then tailor emails around your customer’s interests, just by using these results. This will ensure you’re providing the customer with the content they want to see. Data doesn’t lie.

  • It’s global

Besides posting on social media and SMS, Email marketing is the only 1 to 1 marketing platform where you can instantly send messages to customers globally. And unlike social media and SMS you can see who is engaging with your content.

“Never forget social media is for reach, email is for revenue” –   Bryan Eisenberg

  • It’s cost effective

Email Marketing is also cost effective. The expense of a campaign can vary, but returns can be much higher, for it enhances brand awareness and business recognition.

Deeper relationships drive profitability

The potential for email marketing is endless.

Types of campaigns

  • Triggered campaigns

Not only can you push emails out to people who are already engaging with the business but marketers can also set up triggered email campaigns. This meaning if a prospective customer was to engage with the email in a particular way, an email can be sent out with the more targeted information relating to the link they clicked on. So in essence this allows businesses to re supply prospects with more information on a product or service that we already know they’re interested in.

  •  Segmented email campaigns

Marketers love to use data to target particular customers. In terms of email marketing, we can use the results of customer purchases to tactically create a new email lists and develop new advertisements specifically for them. Optimising email lists is pushing an email campaign to its full potential.

  •  Series campaigns

Series campaigns are the ultimate way of testing prospects. Marketers often add deals to an email campaign, send them out over a certain period of time and see how it affects sales before the allocated deadline. Emails would usually go out to the recipients every day before the deadline reminding them of the deals that are going to take place.

  •  Surveys

An email containing a survey is a great way to earn additional data. It allows you to get an understanding of what your customers are looking for, what they think of your product and your services as a business. With this data you can then construct new email campaigns that tailor to exactly what the customers want to see.

Figures speak a thousand words

Like I mentioned before data doesn’t lie and with the latest campaign we executed for our clients at Gabriel Ash it shows the value of email marketing.

Our campaign consisted of sending 4500 emails to people who have subscribed to the website. We sent 3 emails out including the black Friday deal email and on average we managed a 20% open rate with a 100% delivery rate. This means each email was opened 900 times out of 4500 recipients for each individual email. Not only that, we had a total of 199 unique opens on each email (opening the email more than once).

During November Gabriel Ash managed to accumulate £280,000 worth of sales and £100,000 of that was made on Black Friday. 36% of their revenue for the month was made on that one particular day.

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About the author

Relative is a creative marketing agency run by brothers, Rob and Si Barlow. We really work on our relationships. It’s why we have client partners who have happily worked with us for years. Building strong connections is what we do – with our clients, and for them with their chosen audiences.

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