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As social media went from sharing memes and wishing your aunt a happy birthday, the need for a business to have a social media presence and strategy has been long established as a vital part of the marketing mix.

Now social media platforms are a place for advertising and marketing, which can help to expand your reach as a business to increase sales, many businesses have been creating profiles left, right, and centre. But there’s one area where you may have been struggling how do you make your efforts really stand out? 

What do you need to take your social media efforts from tokenistic to amazing? 

What is a social media expert? 

The problem many brands face is not knowing what to do when it comes to social media. This can result in a slapdash approach that ultimately wastes time and can be detrimental to the brand.

Another issue is, some people still don’t see social media as the killer marketing tool that it is, thinking they can take on the work themselves alongside their day job. Here’s the problem with this approach – you can’t do this.

Social media is a marketing skill and takes much longer than you’d think, which is why hiring someone to take charge of your social media is exactly what you should be doing to make the most of it. 

The benefits of social media experts

So, just what can you get from a social media expert? Well, the benefits come in three very distinct ways: 

  1. Sales
  2. Brand
  3. The future

Let’s take a deeper look:



First and foremost, a social media expert is just that, an expert in social media. They’ll know what needs to be done for your business, what avenues and channels to use, and on top of this, the technical know-how to create ads, optimise campaigns and scale them for each platform. This isn’t something they just picked up from Google, but something they’ve spent years learning. 

Increase website traffic

With good social media management, your paid and organic efforts will have a strategy, helping to increase traffic to your website.

Sales and leads

With better management and increased traffic will eventually come an increase in sales, and if not sales at first, then leads. This might not have happened before, but as someone who works in this area, turning social media followers into customers is what a social media expert does best.

Tracking, measuring and ROI

If you have looked at any of the social media advertising platforms, there is a great deal of information to review. Without the necessary skills, you may well miss out on valuable insights that will affect your campaigns. Using an expert gives you that added value to the money and time you are spending on social media.


Use data to your advantage

As we said, the dashboard of your social media platform is a goldmine of information, which you can use to your advantage to not only help your digital efforts but reach potential customers via other marketing channels. It could also help you to improve a product to appeal to a wider base you may not have considered previously.

Proper Audience Targeting

This knowledge of the dashboard will also help you to target people via social media in a much more appropriate way. This means you’ll be able to hit people more likely to convert with you based on everything from location and age to gender and interests.

Increase engagement for good and bad

Having someone who’s dedicated to your social profiles will allow you the opportunity to interact with people more, being able to talk to them should they have questions or complaints. It can also help you to resolve issues quickly if there are any. People tend to go to social media first these days for both positive and negative comments, and if you’re not there, you’ll miss it, but other potential customers won’t. By having someone there, the worry of missing this is removed. 

Instant feedback

Much like the above, you’ll be able to see feedback on adverts and products almost instantly with social media, which can help better to inform you as a business later on.

Build recognition & credibility

Overall, social media is a marketing tool, and marketing can help strengthen your brand. Therefore, by using it effectively via the skills of an expert, you’ll be able to strengthen your businesses position to help increase awareness and reach, while also increasing sales and leads.

The future

Tone of Voice

This links to the previous point about the brand but is important for the future of your brand. Having one individual concentrating on the communication on your social channels, rather than several who dip in and out, will create consistency in tone of voice, and put customers at ease due to the consistency presented to them.

Lifelong learning

Social media is always changing, and trends pop up all over the place, which can be difficult to keep up with if it’s not your main job. This is why having someone dedicated to this area is key, as they’ll constantly be developing their skills in social media, which will only strengthen your business.

If you’re looking to improve your social media efforts, but you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Relative today to find out how we can help.

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About the author

Made in Wales, Lewis worked for the only Pot Noodle factory in the world as a teenager! He then moved up north to study Journalism and media studies at University. Lewis has a self-confessed love of musical theatre and Madonna, which borders on the obsessive, and regularly spends all of his money on books, which he adds to his ever-growing pile at home. As a copywriter, his role at Relative requires him to write words in many forms for all our clients.

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