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Here at Relative, we value everyone’s personal growth and development, it is a huge part of our company’s culture. Every team member is encouraged to expand their knowledge on subjects that will better themselves and strengthen their position within the Relative team. We are great supporters of personal growth and teamwork and we couldn’t be happier to support the team on their personal development journey.

Today we have asked each of the Relative team members to share the best thing they have learned or experienced that relates to their job role.


By far the most rewarding skill I have learned this year is mastering my presentation style. This has been hugely beneficial when presenting my business and its benefits to a room full of my peers. Previously, I would always get very nervous and the way I came across wasn’t my actual personality! One of the reasons for this was because I was reading from a piece of paper or a screen, added to the fact that I have dyslexia and the outcome was often unpredictable.


I am currently doing an ILM Management course and during the section on learning styles, I found it interesting that most individuals never consciously considered how they really learn. Based on a questionnaire developed by Honey and Mumford to be a more effective learner, individuals must know about their learning styles or preferences and find ways to learn using those methods.

There are 4 learning styles:

Activists: Activists are those individuals who learn by doing and being hands-on.

Theorists: These individuals need to comprehend the hypothesis behind the activities. They require models, ideas and truths with a specific end goal to participate in the learning procedure.

Pragmatists: These individuals need to have the ability to understand how to put the learning into practice.

Reflectors: These individuals learn by watching and contemplating what happened. They hold back and see encounters from various points of view, gathering together information and work towards a suitable conclusion.

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I truly believe not many people will get the chance to work at a company like Relative Marketing and I believe this because not many places like this exist! What Relative has taught me over the past 11 months is that nothing is impossible. As long as you have the right mindset, the right team behind you and the determination to succeed then the only thing standing in your way is yourself. The work ethic surrounding Relative is infectious, every project, however big or small always gets 100% effort to ensure we offer our clients the best work possible. The Relative team are unique and I’m proud to be a part of it.


The best thing I’ve learned whilst at Relative is that teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. We all have different interests and areas of specialisation within the marketing and creative industry, yet we all offer to help with any task that might need an extra pair of hands in order to get the job done (or an extra pair of eyes for a new perspective). Teamwork is what brings us together and it’s great to see that there is constant support from all the colleagues, even if sometimes the job might involve different tasks other than their usual field of expertise – learning new things about marketing while helping a teammate is surely a great perk. And it’s fun too!



#BrightonSEO is a key hashtag for anyone working in digital marketing and it definitely makes it to the top when it comes to events for specialists in SEO. Since joining the Relative team, I have attended three Brighton SEO conferences where I had the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the industry. Covering a wide range of topics and including speakers from across the globe, it’s surely a great experience that adds value to my role, ensuring I keep up with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.



Before joining Relative I wasn’t very involved in the WordPress or wider development community, developing like I was on an island! One thing that I love about Relative is the push they’ve given me to step outside my comfort zone and start connecting with other like-minded individuals. Whether this is simply asking for help with something that I’m struggling with, attending events around the UK or sharing my code online. Relative is always a positive driving factor behind this.



An experience that stands out the most to me is the Social Media Conference I attended in December 2018! That was the first time I took part in a conference, and the 2-day event inspired me a lot. There were many social media experts sharing insightful ideas with many different social media marketing strategies. I also learned a lot from other social media specialists who work within the same industry. This experience benefits my role at Relative, not only has it made me understand more about social media marketing, but I can also apply what I have learned to both our clients and our own social media strategies.relative-marketing-emily-social-media-conference

Want to know more about the Relative team? Then stay tuned for our next team sharing blog!

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