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New beginnings are exciting. To make ours relevant too, we decided to start 2018 with a bang and a new website launch. Designed and developed by our talented team, fuelled by many cups of tea and coffee, hard work and laughter, our brand-new website is now live and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

1. Our reasons for the website launch

The freshly designed and developed website wants to give a better representation of our team, our values and the work we do. As well as reflecting our personality, it aims to be stage one for ensuring we spend more time promoting ourselves as a business.

Alongside our focused approach on client work, we decided we needed to invest time and develop further our online presence and our own creative space. Over the last 12 to 18 months the business has seen some strong growth and this has allowed us to expand the team and dedicate time to servicing and marketing ourselves. Throughout this time our team has been through some major changes enabling us to move forward, grow the company and work more efficiently and productively. A new and bigger office to accommodate a growing team helped establish the vision we had for the business. This tied in with us taking on a new web developer who allowed us to spread our wings in terms of online design and development and bring our creative ideas to life for the new website launch.

Once the decision to invest in a new website was made, we took the brief to the team. Along the lines of “Let’s create something that we can show and take pride in when a new client asks: what can you do?”, it was the starting point for a great project to reflect our team effort. We also wanted the launch of our new website to be the foundation for our work going forward. We created it as a great platform to showcase our technical skills for new development techniques with Reactive JavaScript using VueJs, marketing work for content creation and technical SEO and social media advertising for business leads and potential new staff members.

2. How we worked on the new website

Dedication and team work pays off. We have put a great emphasis on our team members collaborating and helping at each stage of the work. Providing personal input and sharing ideas, each person has taken part in the process so the whole website has been a great team project to work on. And the design and imagery across the whole of the website helps to accentuate this demonstrating our personality for all to see.

As with all new websites, whilst working through the project, we have come up with lots of new ideas, changed our mind about how we wanted some of the pages to look and work, and tweaked things along the way! To stop this prolonging the project, we moved a number of these tasks to phase two and we’ve even started on a list for phase three already… so probably phase four can’t be too far away and the website is only just launching now!

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3. The website was launched. What’s next?

We can already see the journey we have started with the new website and it’s not just going to be a one stop project. What excites us the most is the fact that the site can grow with the business. In a fast-moving world of digital, websites are under constant development and evolution too. Reflecting our work, personality and team, our website will continue to grow and develop with us. Therefore, make sure to check it out from time to time, and find out about our latest news and projects. To be continued!

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