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A great source for marketing inspiration is essential to keep your skills sharp and develop your creative ideas. Companies often go to marketing agencies for advice, ideas and inspiration for their campaigns, but where do you think agency people get their creative power from?

To find out what are some of the key sources of creativity that marketers use, we’ve asked our team to share their top tips. The variety of services that we provide calls for a diverse knowledge base and skill set among our team. From our web developer and designer, to our manager and administrator, everyone has their favourite sources of inspiration.

Hoping that these tips and your own ideas will spark your creativity, here are our top sources for marketing inspiration:

1. Peers

Rob is our managing director and on top of his busy schedule, he makes sure to find time to look for inspiration and keep his skills sharp. According to him, the best and most valuable source of inspiration is learning from your peers. Rob believes it is key to learn from others who have already been through the highs and lows of a job and experienced challenges – they are the ones who have shared your experiences and can advise you what to do and just as importantly what not to do 🙂 As part of learning from peers, he has external consultants who regularly come to see what the agency and team are up to and advise on how both can be improved, whilst also setting targets for Rob to complete.

Another great way to be inspired and learn from your peers is to attend networking events. Rob is involved in a close networking group where everyone aims to help and advise each other.

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2. Pinterest

Sham, the administrator in the Relative office, very often finds her creative inspiration on Pinterest. This social media platform is a great way to find instant information and creative ideas in a wide range of areas. It allows her to search on specific topics which draw related content with further information which inspires Sham even more.

3. Video tutorials

When it comes to Danny, our website developer, video tutorials from leaders in the global web development community are the key sources of inspiration. Tutorials from people like WesBos (for javascript) and Tonya Monk (for WordPress) from are just a few of the ones he follows. These people provide the latest information about technologies and languages, for example, javascript ES6 and with the combination of the visual and voice features of a video tutorial, Danny finds this the perfect way to stay inspired in terms of website development.

4. Behance

When working is a creative industry, you find inspiration pretty much anywhere to help compose your own designs. One of the main sources of marketing inspiration Joe uses to keep his graphic design skills sharp is Behance. This is a platform where designers from across the globe can showcase their work and find inspiration from other creatives in different industries. Joe browses this website regularly to keep up to date with the latest design trends and to find new ideas to implement in his creative work. The website has over 1.5 million users sharing their creative projects, from hand-drawn illustrations, animations, web, video, app, UX UI and print design – there really isn’t an area of design this website hasn’t covered.

Behance marketing inspiration Relative Marketing


5. Ted Talks

Ted Talks, the collection of videos from expert speakers on education, business science, tech and creativity is Csilla’s favourite source of inspiration. Regardless of the industry or area of interest, she can always find relevant information there. Her absolute favourite is probably Life lessons from an ad man, a talk by Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy – if you haven’t seen it before, make sure you check it out.

6. Magazines

Sham thinks that magazines are very resourceful, as they keep her in the know with the latest trends in fashion and innovative concepts in design. There are quite a few that she reads, such as Dazed Digital, Vogue and the Wallpaper magazine, which is full of interesting and diverse content – it gives the relevant information on design, art, fashion and contemporary lifestyle.

Simon, our creative director, is another fan of magazines. Back in the day, he used to read hard copy magazines such as Design Week and Creative Review to keep in touch with what is going on in the creative world. He still looks at magazines online, while also keeping an eye on other source for marketing inspiration. Magazine editorial and adverts, posters, shop displays and even clothing labels and packaging can catch his eye and lead to ideas for projects and designs.

marketing inspiration magazines Relative Marketing

7. Whiteboard Friday

Another resource that Csilla likes to check is Whiteboard Friday with Rand Fishkin from MOZ. This is a SEO toolkit with an active and very informative blog, with many useful insights and industry tips. Whiteboard Friday is a weekly update on SEO and search related topics. The combination of video and Rand’s talent for explaining complex topics, makes it an enjoyable and informative 10 minute Friday break.

8. Kindle

Website development is a very fast-moving industry so saying books are something Danny uses to keep his skills sharp may seem somewhat redundant. However, he finds that certain books are timeless and really help him think about programming and work in a different light than usually would have done. So, the first thing on Danny’s list has to be a Kindle because it saves him from carrying around hundreds of heavy books (and probably the second thing would be a good book such as The pragmatic programmer).

Who said you should wait for that marketing inspiration to come to you? There are great resources you can always check for some instant creative power. Let us know what are your top resources!

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