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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a buzzword that has been floating around the digital marketing industry for some time now and rightly so. The process of marketing automation consists of efficiently nurturing your prospects with personalised dynamic content at every touchpoint of the sales cycle. Here at Relative, we believe the marketing process should be made as simple and transparent as possible and that’s what our platform focuses on doing. We do the legwork in marketing and you can see the live results.


Features and benefits

Investing in Marketing Automation opens your sales team to a wide suite of tools that help nurture leads through their entire life-cycle from discovering the lead to closing the sale.

With this suite of tools, your business can build a relationship with prospects, find out where your potential customers are coming from, discover what marketing techniques work best for your audience, give them a score based on their activity and see them in real-time on the sales pipeline.

Lead scoring

Get your sales team focused on hot leads from automated lead scoring technology! Our system automatically ranks prospects based on their engagement – be that filling in a form, visiting certain pages (re-visiting) and opening emails. The type and amount of engagement will determine how the lead is scored and the higher the score the warmer the lead.

If the lead has stopped engaging with your content the score will diminish over time.


Visitor ID and CRM

Using our visitor identification system and our reverse IP lookup you can track and manage all of your web traffic even if they’re anonymous visitors. The reverse IP lookup will retrieve information such as names, emails, phone numbers from the businesses that are visiting your site and automatically add them to the contact manager. Once receiving information on the users the system will display the number of times they visited your site, the different pages on your site and how long they spent on your site.

Our visitor ID system will automatically send out a daily email with a list of contacts that have recently visited your website, so you can take action and close on your opportunities.


The Sales Pipeline

The contacts drawn in from our visitor ID software and give a score from our lead scoring technology will plug straight into our dynamic sales pipeline platform. On this platform you can create custom deal stages for every touchpoint of the sales journey and your sales team will be able to monitor the life of the lead through the full sale cycle.

On the sales pipeline, you can set tasks for your colleagues to complete and set estimated deadlines for conversions. The reporting tool within the sales pipeline allows you to see an overview of the opportunities you won and the opportunities you lost so you can look back and revise your marketing efforts.



Use the analytics dashboard to easily filter data and metrics to create an understandable end to end reports on multiple marketing campaigns. The analytics suite allows users to easily track campaigns step by step in real-time and provide all the information needed to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


  • Email Analytics

Insights such as clicks, opens, deliveries and bounces will be provided in a report to help you understand which emails are resonating best with your audience.

  • End to end campaign tracking (ROI)

Track your website conversions from the moment the user lands on your site to the sale and allocate a cost to the lead and compare it to the ROI.

  • Google Analytics Integration

Our system plugs straight into Google Adwords so you can see how well your paid search campaigns are performing.

  • User Behaviour

See your users behavior right from the first time they open an email, convert to an opportunity and finally into a sale on our lead timeline.


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About the author

Relative is a creative marketing agency run by brothers, Rob and Si Barlow. We really work on our relationships. It’s why we have client partners who have happily worked with us for years. Building strong connections is what we do – with our clients, and for them with their chosen audiences.

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