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You need good brand awareness, this is something you’ve probably heard so many times that you’re tired of hearing it. However, when it comes to your business, no matter how great your products or services are, or how much money your splash on fancy advertising, if your brand doesn’t stand out, or if no one is aware of it, it’ll all be for nothing.

But why is this? When it comes to the customer, according to Nielsen, 90% purchase based on unaided brand recollection. This happens when a product is the first to pop into the customers head when considering a purchase, and this all comes down to brand awareness. 

Further to this, 82% of customers searching online favour brands they know, and with 73% of consumers using multiple channels, your brand needs to stand out to get recognised amongst the noise.

So, how do you increase brand awareness? Let’s take a look below.

What is brand awareness? 

Before we discuss how to increase brand awareness, we need to ask ourselves what it is.

In its simplest sense, brand awareness is the way that consumers recognise and remember your businesses. This is done through several ways, with marketing brand awareness being hugely important when creating greater brand awareness, which can help you to:

  Grow brand equity

  Increases trust amongst consumers

  Help to make your marketing efforts easier

  Reach your target audience easier 

Why you need brand awareness

If you want customers or potential customers to remember your business and products, you need good brand awareness. This is why it’s so important – the better the recognition, the better your brand will do.

This will also keep customers coming back to you rather than going to a competitor. Once you’ve managed to establish yourself in the minds of the customer, it’ll make it easier for you to:

  Promote your business across multiple channels

  Successfully introduce new products or services

  Build a strong business reputation

  Find and retain loyal customers

 How to increase brand awareness

With the world being digital, your customers and potential customers will be spending a great deal of their time online, averaging at around six hours per day. Therefore, ensuring you stand out online is key to the success of increasing brand awareness and boosting your business. 

But how can you do this? Below, we highlight several ways that can help you to increase brand awareness.

Develop your TOV

Your tone of voice is key to everything, and establishing this early on will help you to stick in the mind of consumers as it’ll help differentiate you as a brand. Whether you’re funny, emotional, sentimental or something else, ensuring your brand has a distinct tone is the first step to making you memorable.

Be social

One of the key ways to build brand awareness these days is through social media. With billions of people using these platforms, if you’re not using social media, you’re missing masses of reach. From sharing products and sales to offers and creative content, finding the platform that works for your brand and continually updating is vital for brand awareness. 

Paid social advertising

While it’s important to share on social media, organic traffic is dropping and will mostly be pushed to your current audience, occasionally reaching others when shared. That’s why stepping into the world of paid social media can help you grab a wider audience. 

Facebook is the best place for this due to its advertising platform being the most robust, and it even has a way of targeting people exclusively to increase brand awareness, as well as having ways to drive up likes and link clicks. 


This is a great way to create brand awareness through word of mouth marketing. With around 50% of consumers in the USA saying their friends and family are their top resources for brand awareness, offering customers discounts or offers for themselves and the person they refer, helping to get your name out there, without spending too much on advertising. 


You’ve defiantly seen people asking to be rated and reviewed online, and the reason for that is – it works!

If someone had a great experience and shares it, potential customers will see this and consider it. 90% of customers read reviews, which shows you just how important they are. And if you’re providing excellent service and customers are shouting about it, chances are, this will bring more on board.

If you’re struggling to get reviews, try offering incentives, such as being entered into a prize draw for customers who write reviews. 

As you can see, brand awareness is hugely important, especially in the digital age, and if you’re wondering what the best approach is for your business, get in touch with Relative today to find out how we can help.

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About the author

Adam has been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and developed the love of all things marketing after running his own company selling baby goods. He used to be in a band, and after a gig in Ibiza, gave Groove Armada a lift back to the airport. He is SEO & Content Strategist, so he is responsible for integrating digital marketing channels in terms of SEO, driving website traffic and increasing return on investment.

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