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Emily is one of the newest additions to our team. Find out more about our social media marketing executive and her role at Relative Marketing.

What is your role at Relative Marketing?

I work as the social media marketing executive and take care of in-house and clients’ social media accounts. I manage both organic and paid content for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. My role is to help increase interaction and engagement between the company and customers through social media.

What do you enjoy most about working at Relative Marketing?

The people! The team is super friendly and helpful. Everyone is passionate about their work and I like the vibes and energy here. Although I am still new to the team, I am so ready and look forward to growing in this warm family ❤️

Emily social media executive Relative Marketing

What is your background?

I am from Hong Kong, the most dynamic and best city to travel in the world I would say! I worked there for a PR and advertising agency for 2 years and came to the UK for further study for the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster University. After I finished my Master Degree, I joined Relative Marketing and I look forward to my new life in the UK!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My cells are built with art but I am also picky to the types. I like musical theatre a lot (once and still my dream to become a performer) and in my spare time, I play piano and sometimes record my singing for my private YouTube channel. I also like sci-fi and action movies and socialise with my friends.

Relative Marketing social media executive

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