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Email Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of interacting with your customers and often gets lost with the hype of social media even though it out perform social by a mile.

It’s Personal

You see, email is the most personal form of digital communication. You can ignore all the chatter about how Facebook is more personal but it isn’t from a business point of view. When is the last time you used Facebook to find out whats happening the the business world?

More Global Users

Email has 3 times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined with almost 3 billion. In fact if you take all the daily posts from Facebook and Twitter it would equate to a mear 0.2% of the number of email sent every day.

Email is a business tool

Email is used everyday and when it comes to building relationships with customers it’s hard to beat. What other medium allows you to communicate with so many people who have opted to receive your newsletter?

Email Is Transactional

People who subscribe to your email expect to receive something in return and special offer emails are widely accepted. If you have an ecommerce website you can use email to promote your latest offers and drive sales. This is where you start to learn about the Lifetime value of your customers.

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