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Marketing has been around for decades, and only until recently it consisted solely of outbound strategies using platforms such as print media, broadcast media, direct mail and telemarketing. This form of Marketing pushed advertising at a broad variety of consumers with only one-way communication.

However, the advancement of the web has had the greatest impact on the evolution of Marketing, bringing the dawn of the Digital Marketing era to life. Digital Marketing has created a huge network of new mediums that you can now market with, that create more value for consumers allowing you to earn their business.

More and more people look at Digital Marketing for being the most effective way to advertise for their business. When approached professionally, digital has the potential to receive a better reach using platforms that are more measurable and give you tangible, two-way communication.


When investing time and money in to a marketing campaign its useful to know whether it has been a success, however with traditional it can be more challenging … Unlike traditional marketing strategies, when taking your marketing efforts online it opens a world of valuable metrics that can benefit your business.

With professional Digital Marketing, from the moment a campaign goes live the platform you are using tracks the performance and functionality of your advertisement. In terms of Pay Per Click campaigns, you can track exactly how many people have clicked through to your site, what they do on it, where they go, how long they stay for and whether they leave or convert and it’s the same on most online platforms.

This gives you a great insight into what campaigns work for your business and what doesn’t, whereas with traditional strategies… it’s harder to find out.


When it comes to cost you want the most efficient campaigns for your business.

Online campaigns have payment plans that allow you to cap your budget, pause the campaign or even terminate it if it’s not performing exactly as you expected. With traditional forms of marketing, it can be more difficult to cancel a media campaign or can be costly to make changes.

Engagement And Reach

The potential for digital exposure is vast. With the development of platforms such as social media, it has allowed for businesses to build a following of people who are either interested in the business, its services or what it has to say. Organically, when posting content daily you can get a lot of engagement on social media without having to pay anything – it just takes time. To reach and engage more people, paid advertisement on things such as Twitter, Facebook and Google allows you to create campaigns that advertise to as broad or as narrow audience as you want, who have interests similar to your category of business. The potential is endless!

With traditional marketing, it has the potential to reach a very large audience, but there is a lack of engagement that comes with it. Press, TV, Radio and other forms of traditional media are good for building brand awareness, however with the absence of a two-way conversation, it’s harder to generate leads.

Compared to Digital Marketing you can reach a very specific audience generating quicker leads.


Communication on an online platform is a much easier way to deal with enquiries from a customer rather than to deal with them over the phone. With the implementation of instant messaging services on websites and social media sites, the time and effort it takes to deal with customer’s questions have halved.

Traditional marketing delivers the message to the people, Digital Marketing talks with the people.


The digital movement has taken the marketing industry by storm and is slowly overtaking the more traditional forms of marketing.

Taking that into consideration, using “GoogleTrends” it allows us to really put into perspective how much interest traditional marketing is losing and digital is gaining interest as business owners seek digital services to market their business

For example, the difference in interest between social media and press marketing has changed a lot in recent years…

There has also been a dip in interest for direct mail services…

And Telemarketing …

The world is transitioning into a very large digital environment and the scope of the web is expanding on a daily basis. Although traditional marketing still holds its place, it’s the popularity of the web that has made it imperative for businesses to invest more in digital campaigns.


Businesses that are doing it right are integrating both traditional and digital media to amplify their campaigns. Crossing both marketing channels allows for better engagement, reach and brand recognition because it covers all bases.

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About the author

Relative is a creative marketing agency run by brothers, Rob and Si Barlow. We really work on our relationships. It’s why we have client partners who have happily worked with us for years. Building strong connections is what we do – with our clients, and for them with their chosen audiences.

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