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We are extremely proud to announce our involvement with Bolton Sixth Form College and their Work Placement Scheme. As soon as we heard about this fresh approach to rejuvenate student ‘work experience’ we were on board!

So what is it all about?

We have offered a 26-week work placement to one of their second year B-Tec students. This offers a unique insight into the ‘world of work’ from the perspective of the student and helps them gain much needed experience. But it is not just the students who benefit. As a business we are always on the lookout for new talent and feel this is a perfect opportunity to grow our team.

Our recruitment process

Finding the correct candidate was crucial as we were going to welcome them into the Relative family. With this in mind, the recruitment process was handled by our Office Manager Tina who approached the process as she would with any other job vacancy.

“It was imperative that the student held an interest within our field of work. Considering this I created a job description detailing what would be required and expected as part of the new role.  I then asked all candidates to apply with both a cover letter and a CV, to see how serious and prepared they really were. After this stage, formal interviews were held. I was very impressed with the calibre of student and found the final decision to be too tough to call so I asked for the input from our Managing Director Rob to help me make the final decision.”

The successful student was Demi Croft and we are pleased to welcome her on board. Here is a brief introduction to her.

Meet Demi!

My name is Demi, I am 18 years old and currently studying an extended diploma in level 3 BTEC Business at Bolton Six Form College. I chose this course as I feel it will contribute towards me getting a business-like apprenticeship in future years. I enjoy listening to music, socialising, camping and bowling. I am outgoing and am always wanting to be on the move. A large amount of my childhood was spent dancing, I did this up until the age of 15.

At Relative Marketing, I am looking forward to learning the different aspects of everyone’s role and I am keen to understand what makes the business ‘relative’. I want to engage with the employees and pick up on some skills that I haven’t yet learned in previous work industries such as social media, administrating, and being able to see what’s behind the development of websites. Having the chance to experience a ‘live’ working environment is priceless and I intend to make full use of this amazing opportunity.

The importance of placements

Emily Dover, Work Experience Officer at Bolton Sixth Form College has been a huge driving force for the programme so we invited her to explain why it meant so much:

“The industry placement is a 45 – 60 day work placement which is focused on developing practical and technical skills required for the profession that the student is studying for.

We have formed a strong relationship with Relative Marketing during our employer search and it is evident they are keen supporters of their local community and want to give something back and what better way to start than with the youth of the community!

Working closely with both the students and the employers to ensure a good fit for each placement is very important and we are all fully aware it needs to be mutually beneficial to ensure the best possible outcome.

We feel that there are many benefits to the employers, including:

  • Giving staff the opportunity to work in a supervisory role who may not usually have the chance
  • Scope for finding future employees
  • Opportunity for taking a student on as an Apprentice following the completion of their course
  • Raises the company reputation in the local area
  • Students may introduce new ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Provide feedback and coaching in order to help students to develop skills required in a particular job or sector, to help bridge any skills gaps

For students, the aim is for them to experience a real-life job role and work life pressures, including travel to work, independence from their peers, working with new people and dealing with the public.

Demi has settled in very well at Relative Marketing in her role as Office Admin Assistant, and I look forward to visiting her on placement in the coming weeks.”

We are delighted to be involved with the Work Placement Scheme organised by Bolton Sixth Form College and we are looking forward to the success it brings for both ourselves and Demi.

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About the author

Marketing executive specialising in social media marketing and management. Over 3 years of working experience and interested in campaign management, media planning and account servicing. A master degree holder with distinction from Lancaster University.

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