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Will social media marketing ever become a thing of the past? It has nearly been two decades since social media started, and now more people are starting to wonder if it will die one day. The revolutionary way start-ups and businesses use social media is constantly changing and adapting; so, the question is, will social media ever die? Although some may think that social media will end and soon become outdated and old-fashioned, we believe it will continue to evolve and transform further instead.

Through proper engagement, innovative concepts and fresh content you can grab your marketing strategy by the horns and point it in the right direction. By favouring experimental techniques and methods, you can not only save your business but boost it, taking it to new heights. Here at Relative, we see the continuing potential in the realm of social media marketing – below you can find out more about revolutionary methods that can easily be used for your business too.

How it all began

The emergence of social media turned communication on its head when it came to how people chatted, connected and shared information. The evolution of social media began with the launch of Friendster in 2000, followed by MySpace two years later, with Facebook later launching for students at Harvard in 2003. It only took three years for Facebook to become accessible to anyone over the age of 13 in 2006; this year also saw the launch of Twitter. Currently, Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users as of July 2018, with Instagram raking in 1 billion users. Twitter sees 300 million active monthly users since it started 12 years ago. Impressive, right?

How social media has changed

As the name suggests, social media originally formed as a social platform, offering users new, exciting ways to communicate. The last decade has seen a major shift in how people are using these ever-popular channels. Social media platforms are now not just a way to connect with friends; we believe companies can and should use each to their advantage. With the right team on board, you can tap into these goldmines and turn to social media marketing as a business, and not just an individual.

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How can social media be used for my small business?

Social media has evolved from a friend’s connection to a myriad of opportunity for business advertising. With different platforms offering different options for businesses, you can develop a social media marketing strategy that suits both your business and your individuality. More importantly, by tailoring your social media to suit you, you can be sure you are providing your users, customers and potential clients with the content they want, in the most popular format.

Far from the idea that social media is dying out, we believe social media continues to innovate, providing users with solutions and the opportunity to connect with customers and expand at the same time. Below are some of the key features of social media that prove it should be incorporated into your marketing strategy ASAP:

It’s interactive

Social media channels can offer you and your business the perfect opportunity to interact directly with existing and potential customers. With various platforms allowing for user engagement in interesting and varied ways, seize the opportunity in front of you by developing a marketing plan that utilises these platforms. Do this effectively, and you can see your outreach and exposure increase almost overnight. Get creative with your posts, too! Use Instagram as a platform to share aesthetic photos with your followers to entice and excite them about your product. Twitter can create even more of a personal connection, as you can respond directly to tweets.

Top tip: Hootsuite found that using emojis in tweets can increase engagement by 25.4%. This percentage becomes 57% in terms of Facebook engagement.

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It can be used to listen

Social media is also, essentially, a tool to communicate and listen to customers. It could be reviews, feedback and comments about a particular product they liked or didn’t like. The important thing to remember here is how you respond. Social media provides the perfect opportunity to present your business to the world, so don’t shy away from customers who communicate with you.

Listen, take feedback on board, and most importantly, thank them for the feedback. At the end of the day, you’re showcasing your business to the world, and everyone will be able to see your response!

Access different varieties of adverts

You can also capitalise on the different ways to advertise your product through social media marketing. This could include sponsored Instagram posts or videos, Facebook ads, or social media campaigns where the main objective is to boost brand awareness and see an increase in profit for your business. The use of hashtags can see your business gain more visibility and are one of the main ways companies can share their message and products quickly. Another emerging player in social media advertising is sponsored blog articles, where exposure and reach can be gained through high profile bloggers trying and recommending your product to their followers. This helps a business gain a level of trust with potential customers, who can see their products in action, allowing them to become more familiar with it before purchasing it for themselves.

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You can use it to act as a friend, not a business

Rather than merely promoting your products and services, you can utilise social media to act as a friend through these platforms. We all strive to provide a personalised service for customers. At Relative we see this as a revolutionary feature, proving it will not die any day soon!

What better way to draw business in than to establish a connection of trust with your existing and potential customers? You can do this by posting informative, entertaining and relevant content, and engaging with your followers through the posts you share.

Top Tip: Post behind-the-scenes photos and videos. This shows your followers that there is a group of hard-working people behind your business, and brings a personal touch to your brand.

Tap into the fact that people use social media to connect with friends as well as businesses, and take any opportunity to bridge the gap to appeal more to your client base. Doing so can help build stronger relationships with customers, and potentially create more leads.

You can capitalise on trending events

Social media marketing allows you to tap into social events, calendar dates and trending topics. Get involved, and take every opportunity you can to promote your products and services in line with what’s trending online. This point again proves how innovative social media marketing can be. One unexpected trending topic can suddenly see your product or business benefitting overnight if you are clever with how you capitalise on it. Seize the opportunity and see an immediate response from your followers.

Companies should understand why and how they use social media platforms – social media icons are not only put there because it is a trend. If you are looking for help with your social media strategy and management, get in touch with our team of specialists today. Combining clear communication with relevant content and effective strategy, our social team will create a campaign that will get the followers and ‘likes’ you’re looking for.

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