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We now live in the digital age. That’s just a fact. Almost everything we do now contains a digital element, and when it comes to your business having a digital presence is more important than ever.

But print isn’t dead.

In a world where people scroll past several ads per day, when it comes to your marketing there’s still a place for print. Offering potential customers something physical to hold and look at, such as a brochure, is a great way to get your product in front of them while giving them a great first impression and adding a premium touch a PDF won’t give them.

We recently created a brochure for one of our clients. So, let us take you through the process of how it all happened.

Hartley Botanic brochure

For six months the team have been working hard on creating and designing a brochure for our client Hartley Botanic. We are now proud to share with you our finished brochure design. While having a brochure printed can be a long process, we’re all thrilled with the results. Therefore, we’ve put together the journey of how the brochure is developed, featuring exclusive videos showing the printing process, photographs of the finished brochure and more!

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Why choose a brochure?

Founded in 1938, Hartley Botanic is a well-known brand for manufacturing and shipping handmade Glasshouses and Greenhouses throughout the world, remaining proud of their heritage and impressive superior glasshouse structures.

The first step was to produce marketing material that would be aligned with their brand, and as such, a printed brochure was chosen. Printed marketing collateral is tactile, and as customer experience is always the first priority at Hartley Botanic, the high print quality represents a positive impression to potential customers. A brochure can also be a storyteller, therefore, we wanted to showcase the Hartley heritage whilst displaying their fine range of the Glasshouses and Greenhouses.

Hartley Brochure on the desk next to a plant

The concept

After an initial meeting with the client, we designed some sample pages to show where and how the text and images would be placed. Creating alternative layouts allowed us to show how products and information would interact with each other on the page to make the brochure come to life. At this stage, we would also choose the right type and weight of paper, such as glossy or matte.

As we previously mentioned, a brochure gives people a real feel of the brand and first impressions are always essential.

screenshot of photoshop in action displaying a greenhouse

The development

Once we were given confirmation for the chosen layout, the confirmed products and content, the number of pages and vital details such as how many images will be included, we can then focus on content writing. This includes telling the Hartley story, product descriptions and the listing of products.

Halfway there!

The client and the Relative team then proofread and check through the selected content to ensure that all of it is correct. We then created a mock-up of the whole brochure by placing the pages in order, allowing the client to receive a real touch and feel of what would be the finished product.

The final stages

Once all of the text and images are approved, the final artwork takes priority, and this will usually include retouching the chosen photos. During the final stages, we sent the file to the printing factory for colour proofing, ensuring everything is in the correct place and colour and image quality is perfect.

Emily and Si reviewing the brochure in the office

The finished product

Once this was all finalised, the finished brochure was then sent to print.

Here at Relative, we are extremely happy with the final result and we hope our blog gives you more of an insight into how a brochure is created, designed, and developed

If you’d like to find out more and see how we can help you bring your products and services to life in a wonderful brochure just like this one, take a look at our services here.

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