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It’s been a strange old year, but we’re kicking 2021 off by welcoming SEVEN new clients!

Coming from a wealth of different sectors that cover everything from healthcare and electronics to the transport, retail, security, building, and printing industries – it looks like we’ve got an exciting time ahead!

Meet the clients

So, who are we saying hello to?

Firstly, we’ve got FIVE businesses based in Bolton; GN Systems, Transport Support, GN Healthcare, Grippings, and Bolton Engineering Products, alongside Bi3 who are in nearby Preston, as well as national client GD Media.

As part of these exciting new projects, we’ll be covering everything from website design and SEO to website maintenance, PPC, and brand development.

So, let’s have a further look at each one:

GN Group

Consisting of three businesses, which are:

  1. GN Systems Ltd
    An electronics company that specialises in PCB assembly, PCB design, and manufacturing.
  2. Transport Support
    A company that manufactures Safety Products primarily aimed at the Aggregate, Bulk Haulage, Quarrying, and Mining Industries.
  3. GN Healthcare
    Working in the healthcare industry, the company sells new products ranging from Assisted Baths, Profiling Beds, Hoists, Mattress, and more, while also servicing care equipment in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices and Schools throughout the UK.

We’ll be creating new websites for all three businesses while providing SEO support, and website maintenance to begin, before working across all other marketing activities afterwards.


Specialising in the security technology and retail intelligence markets, we’ll be creating a whole new website from design to build. Following this we’ll, be providing SEO and website maintenance.

Grippings Ltd.

A multi-service building contractor, Grippings help each client plan, develop, and complete each of their projects. We’ll be coming on board to create a PPC marketing campaign to help generate new leads, while also implementing continued SEO and website updates.

Bolton Engineering Products

A professional engineering company that specialises in providing bearing, workwear and power transmissions to clients across the UK, we’ll be creating a PPC lead generation campaign for them.

GD Media

The formation of leading catalogue, magazine and brochure supplier Garnett Dickinson and leaflet, door drop and press insert experts EWO Media, we’ll be developing a whole new brand and website, as well as assisting with presentations for the advertising literature, catalogue, and brochure specialist.

A huge addition to the Relative family, we can’t wait to get started on these new projects and grow together with each new client.

If you’d like to find out what Relative can do for you and your businesses, please get in touch today.

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About the author

Robert started off in admin, working for a marketing agency based in Manchester, before deciding he wanted to go to university and gain his HND followed by a BA Hons Degree in Business Finance with Marketing. Since then Rob has worked his way up through the ranks and now holds the position of The Oracle at the office! But unfortunately, unlike the character out of The Matrix, he doesn’t have all the answers for the team (but that doesn’t stop the questions)! Rob never says no to a hot drink (tea or coffee) to help keep his mind stimulated. He spends his time working on the business development of the company, liaising with clients and managing the work flow. And most importantly spends a lot of time working on the personal development of the team… answering questions!

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