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Pay per click management by Relative Marketing

Helping your business take advantage of the masses of opportunities available through paid advertising platforms. Be it Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc. we’ve been involved in building some very successful campaigns in our time.

Paid search engine marketing is one of our main services.


Whether you are currently using pay per click advertising or thinking of testing how it might work for your business, we can help decide where, how much and over what period your business should look to be advertising.


Being a full-service marketing agency, we have the in-house facility to create a campaign from start to finish. This would include all creative, technical work required to measure the campaign right through to building the strategy for winning new business.


Paid search marketing is a quick way to gain more traffic to your website. It is also very controllable so helps manage budgets and make sure tracking a real return on investment is being realised. You only pay for people who have been qualified before they arrive at your site.


We have extensive knowledge of pretty much all the paid networks available today. Whether this be Google Adwords or paid social we have you covered and can help decide which one will benefit you most.

Below you will find more about the individual services we use within an overall pay per click management service.

PPC Strategy


We have experts in building a winning strategy, we spend the time to understand the elements that matter, your business, your industry, your product, your USP’s etc. This enables us to create the best possible plan to gain a positive return on investment.



We will look to deliver the strategy which has been developed by building the campaigns or tweaking your existing campaigns. If we need to add new accounts with other paid platforms we can establish these for you. You will always own the account, just in case, as it’s important that you have that direct relationship with the ad providers as well as with ourselves.

keyword research



Keyword research is the back-bone of any Paid search campaign. Target the wrong type of keyword and you could it could end up costing a lot of money with very little return.

We make sure we look at the intent behind the search term we’re targeting.

Are we looking for people who know what they want and are ready to purchase or are we looking for visitors who are in more of a research or problem solving mind set?

Targeting the wrong intent is a big mistake with a lot of paid search campaigns.

Ad Copy


Working with experiences copy writers can be the difference between success and failure. The use of the English language can make such a difference to whether you get a campaign with a 25% click through rate or 0%.

We work with copywriters who are experts in configuring the English language to draw the browser into the ad and reach our goal of clicking through.

Content is crucial to all search engine marketing, Paid search is no different.

Ad extensions


Over the past few years, ad extensions have become more and more important to paid ad campaigns. They can help provide the difference between you and your competitor. We will look to use these to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Shopping Campaigns


Have an Ecommerce store and want to gain new customers who are actively looking for your product (Wallet is open)?

Using the right keywords for the right product is critical here. We’ve helped businesses set-up the google product feed, test, run and measure their campaigns to great success.



The key to not overspending or not gaining the right return on investment is measurement. Looking through the data can be tedious if you’re not sure of what the right metrics to track are. We take care of all of this and will make sure we track the correct metrics to ensure you are gaining as much new business as possible.

Optimisation and testing


Following all our measurement above, there is bound to be several areas that need modifying to gain an even better return. Whether this be the artwork needing a change or the working we will continue to drive for a better and better return.


We will also run tests on ad copy, artwork etc. to make sure that we are optimising the campaign and using the best possible advert.


Whether optimising for conversion, offering a free white paper or maybe just looking to gleam an email address we make sure everything is tested.



Here at Relative, we feel there is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening with your campaigns. We make sure we complete reports at least once per month, more if requested, which run through everything we have done, what we have achieved for your business and return you have seen from your campaigns.

If you’re looking for a Pay per click management service, let us give you a quote after an initial discussion.