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Feature Friday!

What’s Going On?

We’ve been a bit lagging in the old blog content of late and I’m by no means a writer, so I’ve been thinking… ‘what do you want to read about?’

I like a bit of variety in my reading material, which is lucky as I find myself with a number of magazines on my desk checking through all our shiny happy published adverts! (obviously I don’t sit and read them all…as that would be highly unproductive of me…)


So every week I will bring you a feature on one of our lovely clients, on a Friday. Feature Friday – I think you get it.


Along with an article on our client, I will be bringing you behind the scenes in the office, insights into what we’re currently working on, some sneaky pictures and probably some useless tidbits from myself!


Who we are:

As I have only just come up with this idea and it is currently 12:30 on Friday, I don’t have a feature on one of our clients prepared so I am going to tell you a bit who WE are:


Relative Marketing

Relative is a family ran creative marketing agency based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We specialise in effective, creative, marketing both online and offline. Relative was started by brothers Rob and Simon who both have extensive experience within the advertising and marketing industry.


Managing Director Rob

Rob started working in the Marketing world in 1998 whilst completing his BA Honours degree in Business Finance with Marketing.

Creative Director Simon

Simon loves thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas to solve a problem or get better results.

Web Developer Danny

Danny worked freelance for the company and after displaying his talents was snapped up by Rob & Simon to work for us full time! Danny loves pizza and coffee (who doesn’t!) and programming.

Digital Marketing Assistant Joe

The youngest member of the team, Joe completed his A Levels in History, ICT, English Language and Politics so has managed to bring a bit more culture to the office!

Creative Copywriter Andy

Andy loves making visual doodles for concept ideas and making what we write for clients sound fantastic!!

Accounts Manager Gail

Gail holds the purse strings at Relative and does a fantastic job of managing the money! She says “A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!”

Administrator Amy (Me)

I started at Relative around 3 weeks ago, I’ve never worked in marketing before and so far I’ve established a dependence on coffee and spell checker, I ¬†accidentally uploaded a snapchat cat-filtered selfie onto the companies facebook page and ¬†currently I’m trying to find the best GIF app… all in a days work.



So if you want an insight into the marketing industry, advertising stuff , graphic design ish things or general creativeness please check on our social media pages for links to our latest Feature!


Next Week’s Feature: Hartley Botanic




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