Digital Marketing Manchester

Don’t sell the sausage.

Sell the SIZZLE!

Identify what your customers are looking for and what their value is,
then create a campaign that meets THEIR needs, not yours.

Search Engine Optimisation


No other digital marketing service drives visitors to your site quite like search engine optimisation, (SEO).  It ensures that those who are actively searching for the products and services you offer end up viewing your website. So let Relative develop an SEO strategy that includes realistic goals based on predefined KPIs, as well as handling:

•    The initial website audit
•    Competitor benchmarking analysis
•    Onsite SEO
•    Content development
•    Reporting


 Google Penalty


If your site is hit by a Google penalty, Relative can help with its recovery. Highly experienced in analysing profiles and bad links that may be pointing to your website, we’ll develop a sound recovery strategy in line with Google’s recommendations.


Pay per click (PPC) is one of the fastest, most direct ways to drive visitors to your website, potentially generating traffic as soon as your campaign goes live. Targeted, cost effective and highly measurable, PPC can yield excellent results. Whether you’re new to paid search marketing or have an existing PPC campaign that you’d like to see improved, let Relative arrange a comprehensive PPC Audit.

Pay Per Click Management

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Conversion Rate Optimisation


Getting more out of your marketing


A successful Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy will encourage more of those who interact with your business to take action, whether via:

•    Increased sales or sign ups
•    Increased downloads or subscriptions
•    Increase phone calls, enquiries or referrals

By identifying the conversions you want, we’ll work with together to develop a plan to achieve them.


Controlled Testing


To measure the effectiveness of any changes we make, our experts will perform a series of controlled tests; the results of which will show us how to generate the highest conversion rates. It sounds simple, but we combine in-depth analysis, extensive experience and a touch of creative flair to bring you the best results.


When a business has something to tell us, they email us. New products, promotions, upcoming events, email marketing is a powerful and direct way to connect with huge numbers of customers. And at Relative, we can help you to increase the value of, and revenue from, your emails.

We’ll explain the different stages in the customer life cycle and the methods used to define them and demonstrate how an email marketing strategy is essential in providing a ‘customer life cycle model’ that:

•    Begins by capturing the attention of prospects
•    Demonstrates their need for what is on offer and how much they’re willing to invest
•    Continues to market by developing a sales funnel that nurtures the best customers
•    Filters out mismatches and continually refines the specific target customer

Email Marketing Services

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Lead Generation


While there are lots of ways to generate leads, not every one will work for your business. But to identify which will work best for you, Relative will get to know what you’re about, who your customers are and create a strategy to attract promising leads that will convert into sales.


We see the bigger picture


An experienced digital marketing specialist, Relative know that lead generation is about understanding how different channels can work together to deliver a higher ROI. Bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together, let us create a coherent and highly optimised plan for your business.


Engaging with your audience


As most of us use social media every day, it’s an obvious and effective way to engage with customers. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the ideal place to initiate conversations about products and services, gather opinions, influence purchase decisions and improve the visibility and perception of your brand.

Clear communication and relevant content is key to any successful social media strategy and will enable you to standout from your competitors. So to create a social campaign that will interest and inspire your followers, request a meeting with Relative

Social Media Marketing
Marketing Automation


Making your Marketing more efficient


Marketing automation is a buzzword that has been floating around the digital marketing industry for some time now and rightly so. The process of marketing automation consists of efficiently nurturing your prospects with personal dynamic content at every touch point of the the sales cycle. Here at Relative we believe the marketing process should be made as simple and transparent as possible and that’s what our platform focuses on doing. We do the leg work in marketing and you can see the live results.

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