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Specialists in effective, creative, results-driven marketing both online and offline, let Relative get you noticed and get you the ROI you deserve.


Honest, straightforward and passionate about all we do, Relative build close, lasting relationships with clients, becoming an integral part of your team and caring as much about your business as you do. So isn’t it time you made Relative part of your family?


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The True Value Of Email Marketing

We’ve all heard of email marketing. We all know it’s utilised by a multitude of businesses globally. We all hear it makes a good return on investment, but what we very rarely hear is why?


Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent

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Meet The Team


Robert Barlow

Managing Director

Rob started working in the Marketing world in 1998 whilst completing his BA Honours degree in Business Finance with Marketing.


Simon Barlow

Creative Director

Simon loves thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas to solve a problem or get better results.


Martin Bradley

Digital Marketing Manager

Martin is our digital expert and started developing websites back in the late 90's gaining experience working with some very well known household brands.


Gail Escott


Gail holds the purse strings at Relative and does a fantastic job of managing the money! She says ``A day without choclolate is like a day without sunshine!``


Joe Swarbrick

Digital Marketing Assistant

The youngest member of the team, Joe completed his A Levels in History, ICT, English Language and Politics so has managed to bring a bit more culture to the office!